PTM engineering & design

PTM engineering & design is the continuation of PTM-design, a drawer's agency founded in 2004 by manager Pieter Vagenende. Our drawing department ensures both architectural designs and engineering-technical detail drawings for steel construction, special techniques,...

Following the market demand, we were soon forced not only to deliver the drawings to the customer, but also to focus on the actual design of buildings, including the calculation thereof.

Accompanied by more experienced, external engineers, we learned to import our first models in the accounting programs, and we checked it at late evenings by hand calculations. This soon led to a section stability. Today, this section stability is represented by a young, motivated, intelligent engineering team that constantly gets new challenges and controls the main software packages in detail.

The cooperation and team spirit throughout the various departments and disciplines, we conduct high priority! This integrated approach to all our projects has resulted in high standard, quality performances and enables us to offer the client start-to-end solutions.